Regular ticket: Full event + Gala show

the basic price of this year's EJC

This year we want to give you a possibility to choose the price of your ticket! There are regular, supporters and concession tickets. You can decide, which one you buy! We believe in solidarity between jugglers - those who have more money can choose to give a little more, those with less money can attend the EJC for a cheaper price. The regular ticket is the basic price of the EJC.

This ticket is valid for all days of the EJC.

The ticket includes access to all EJC-areas, all events, camping and a gala show ticket.

The prices will increase after
31.05.2017 23:59:00 CEST


under 9 years 0,00 €
under 16 years 70,00 €
normal 140,00 €

You can add a new person or edit the details of any person with "My Persons" from the main menu.

Included Items:

Gala show ticket