Here, we are trying to answer any questions you might have about the shop or the European Juggling Association. For questions about the EJC 2022 itself, please visit their Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Who is involved in this shop?

There are two organisations involved here: the European Juggling Association (EJA) and the EJC 2022 Madrid Tres Cantos (EJC 2022). They are two independent organisations partnering for the benefit of a successful event. 

The European Juggling Association (EJA) is an entirely volunteer-run organisation from across Europe to promote juggling across Europe, predominantly by supporting EJC organisers to organise their event. One of the ways we do this is hosting and administrating this shop, in order to transfer expertise and lessons from previous years as best as we can. (Note: all tickets and other items in relation to the EJC 2022 are ultimately issued by the EJC 2022.)

The EJC 2022 Madrid Tres Cantos is a team of locals who are also largely volunteers, and who work hard to put up this event, dedicating their attention and time to this event for several years. The EJC is an event for jugglers by jugglers. If you want to support them, get involved as a volunteer!

Additional contributions to tickets

What is the donation for?

The donation goes, in full, to the EJC 2022.

The EJC 2022 team (with the support of the local authorities) has worked hard to bring you affordable prices in an environment where large international events are looked at with worry. With all the risks associated with COVID-19, international upheaval and a war in Europe, and more things that make the world very difficult to predict, this hasn’t been easy. They have a very sound budget, and if their assumptions and predictions are largely right, it should be a very healthy and safe event (physically and financially).

However, there are risks involved, and we know that a lot of you care deeply about the EJC and want to support. Therefore, we wanted to give you the option to support the EJC financially beyond buying a ticket.

There are two ways of doing that: buying a ticket in a later phase, or donating an additional amount. All money that is raised through this donation will be given to the EJC 2022 team.

What is this “EJA contribution”?

At the end of your purchase, you will see a small fee of 2,50€ per ticket added with the name “EJA contribution”. This contribution will go towards the European Juggling Association‘s work to support future EJCs. While everyone working for the European Juggling Association (EJA) is a volunteer, it does incur costs – for example, for hosting this shop, banking fees, and licenses. You can find a breakdown of all of last year’s cost in the recent annual report.

But the European Juggling Association (EJA) would like to do more in the future; for example, finding ways to get people who might not otherwise be able to join the EJC to do so. Such activities cost money, and we don’t want to rely only on surplus shared by EJCs alone to be able to encourage EJCs to provide affordable tickets.

If the EJC 2022 would have used a ticket agency or similar shop provider, this type of fee would have been charged by a business. Instead of supporting a business, this “EJA contribution” will be supporting the infrastructure provided by the European Juggling Association, and will thus benefit EJCs and jugglers in the future.

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